We are a Swiss based strategic advisory office and an independent operational manager for your corporate and real estate activities.
We coordinate your service providers. We work in harmony with your teams and in full alignment with your interests.

Partner 01.

• Set strategies in line with medium and long term business objectives.
• Tailored services based on pre-set objectives and identified needs.


• Effective and efficient support in management of relationships with banks.
• Access to all material, knowledge, contacts and resources.
• Broad exposure to different sectors and markets.
• Provide Cost saving solution

Access 02.

• Introduction to prospective banks and investors.
• Access to the group's network with cross business and investment opportunities.

Coordination 03.

• Introduction to the groups's family office advisory and services. www.mj-et-cie.com/en/
• Introduction and coordination to legal, tax advisors and a large scope of service providers.


Our services are customized in line with your needs and are upgraded to match new challenges.

• Advise the client with strategic recommendations and business solutions to optimize results and minimize risks.
• Conduct feasibility studies, business valuations.
• Business risk assessment, cost to return management and optimize capital structure.
• Support in corporate governance in line with the company strategy.
• Introduction to the group family office.
• Assist in financing through the introduction to banks and/or potential investors.
• Constitute and maintain credit files for banking purposes covering all parameters and credit financing structures in line with banking requirements and regulations.
• Support in bank account opening, requirements, documentation and compliance review.
• Evaluate internal rating using our in-house rating tool.
• Follow up and set reports using customized templates, minutes of meetings, action plans and site visits.
• Assess services, contracts, documentation, costs and charges with different service providers.
• As member of MJ&Cie group, we can give you a privileged access to a leading European family office with presence in Paris and Geneva for more than 20 years. www.mj-et-cie.com
• MJ&Cie expertise focuses on four areas: Investment; Legal and tax planning; multi-generational family support and personal administrative services.
• Support in real estate and project financing management.
• Support in selection of service providers through tenders.
• BOQ review, cash flow constitution and update, overall cost/budget control


We coordinate with service providers in alignment with your interest and in harmony with your teams.


Confidentiality and transparency are the heart of our cooperation.


We are fully aligned with our clients by getting strictly remunerated by them.


We represent our clients' interest when dealing with service providers.


We conduct continuous review to ensure adequate implementation of the customized services.



We provide regular reporting through agreed templates.


We assess and identify each client's needs; and tailor the adequate services.


We assign a dedicated relationship manager for each client.


We work in harmony with the existing teams and service providers.

Background and Experience

Our qualified team enjoys extensive experience in banking and finance industry, committed to invest the know how as your partners.

Team enjoy more than 20 years of experience in corporate and credit risk in leading commercial banks.

Exposure to different lines of business including real estate, trade, manufacturing, commercial malls, project finance, contracting, and hospitality.

Expertise in financing structures including short and long term facilities, syndicated loans, club deals, green loans, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, and funds.

Exposure to many markets including Europe, West Africa, Middle East, and the Gulf.

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